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herebeorg's Journal

An oasis along Toronto's lakeshore
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Herebeorg is the home of FreeFloat and is welcoming and open to any of FreeFloat's friends. To gain posting access, click Join and expect to identify yourself (by real-life name if I've met you). However, anyone may read for free :)

The word herebeorg is Old English for harbour, as in a place of safety or refuge for ships. In Middle English the word took on an additional meaning as a resting place/ place of safety for armed troops (i.e. soldiers).

I've been pronouncing it "hair-i-burg" and in text messages, using the acronym HB.

Welcome! Plenty of room for all! There's currently a spare room, a sofabed, and another cozy sofa as well. There's one cat and six fishtanks and there will be wireless Internet in due course.

The coffee is always on! Drop in and join me in a cup!

Note: Herebeorg is tolerant and friendly of EVERYONE - polyamorous, monogamous, gay, straight, bi, trans, nudity-positive, sex-positive, etc. I only ask for mutual respect in return!