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Damn it, it never rains for pouring [Mar. 13th, 2007|04:05 pm]
An oasis along Toronto's lakeshore


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I just found out my fridge has kicked the bucket.

It has been making loud clicking noises at random - kind of like the sound a coffee maker will make as the element clicks on and off. I checked on it last night and nothing really seemed amiss.

My ice cube trays are filled with completely lukewarm water which suggests things have been thawing since at least yesterday. That means all the food that has been in the fridge as well as the freezer portions is pretty much history. I can probably salvage most of the condiments, but I'm losing quite a bit of meat, as well as perishables like milk, veggies and potentially the eggs. I'll cook what I can tonight, and it can overnight on the balcony in my barrack box as it's supposed to hit just below freezing.

Fortunately, most of my deep-frozen products are in fact in the Deep Freeze, and never made it to the fridge freezer. Thank the gods I had reason to set up the deep freeze a few weeks ago, and it's been running flawlessly since then.

I so didn't need this two days before payday! Not that I could afford to replace everything even on payday, since I'm so behind...

green_hopper, who knows I'm far from rich, was worried about whether I'd be able to replace the fridge, but I assured him it's the landlord's responsibility as it comes with the house. (The place he lives is an owned home, so of course appliances don't "come with" the place) I just have to inform them that it's pooched.

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